Grooming your rabbit

Coat Care

When you handle your bunny run your hand over its body to feel for any mats or knots. Daily petting/stroking will remove any lose fur and allow you to bond with your pet a soft brush can be used to aid with the petting. Different breeds of rabbits will require a different level of grooming with slightly different types of brushes and combs. When your rabbit is moulting it will require more grooming by you to help remove the dead coat, a Slicker brush is very good for this. A comb is ideal for inside the back legs and around the bottom area. It is better to groom for 5 minutes at a time so that you do not stress your bunny out, once they are happy with you doing this you can increase the time. It is easier to stay on top of their coat rather then allowing it to get matted.

Long Haired Rabbits

Long haired rabbits that are bedded on woodshavings will soon get into a mess and will need to be checked and groomed daily. I use " No Frills" straw based litter pellets with a layer of soft chopped straw or barley straw on top -for my Lionheads.  I find that it does not get caught up in the coat thus allowing me to groom them weekly instead of daily. Short haired rabbits are good at keeping their fur clean and tidy, so you don't need to brush them everyday but you do still need to check them. The straw pellet is excellent when used in litter trays as it is very absorbent ans is safe to use -unlike some of the wood pellets that you can buy.
We stock a huge range of bedding to suit inside or outside bunnies, long or short haired. You will soon find one that you like and works well you and your rabbits set up.

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