Terms and Conditions for re-homing/buying a Rabbit/s.

We will provided you with a top quality hand tame pedigree rabbit, that is fully weaned, treated against hay mite, lice & thread worm, and vaccinated against VHD2, we will advise you on the most suitable breed for your needs and also advise you on the correct housing for the breed of rabbit/s you are homing and show you accessories from our shop that will aid you in having a happy healthy well behaved trained pet bunny.

We will spend time with you when you select your pet, should you decided to opt for our full package option- you will receive on collection a full "bunny workshop" on training and interaction, where we will show you how to handle, train and interact with your chosen rabbit/s.
Plus we offer on-going help & advice for your pet.
If you are still at the not sure stage -we do offer a " Bunny workshop" at an hourly pre-paid rate- (this is to pay for the time we spend with you.) 
So who are we? We are hobbyist show rabbit breeder. Dee has been a member of the British Rabbit Council for over 35 years and a member of the Rabbit Welfare Association for over 10 years. We keep and breed two types of rabbits these are: Mini Lops, and Lionheads.
We have only pure bred rabbits and we have aimed to produce rabbits that are of good size and a good example of the breed in accordance with the breed show standard.
Our rabbit’s litters have been carefully planned and thought through with regard to producing robust, healthy rabbits of good temperament. We  breed purely for ourselves and show purposes, with the intention of keeping some of the young rabbits for myself for showing and or new breeding stock. All of my rabbits are kept and cared for to the highest standard. Any funds they generate are used for the up-keep and welfare of my rabbits. Anyone breeding and keeping rabbits correctly will make a loss on the sale of these rabbits. Our rabbits are not breed for profit making. However there will always be surplus rabbits that do not come up to show standard that we don't keep. These are offered to people wanting a rabbit, or some times to other show breeders looking to introduce a new blood line, where agreed. We regularly handle our young rabbits; this makes them confident about being handled. All our rabbits leave us hand tame.

  • We will only let my surplus bunnies that are 10 weeks plus go to suitable homes.
  • We can and do refuse a home, if we believe that the person or family are not suitable.
  • We will take the time to make sure you understand what is involved with keeping and caring for rabbits. we will show you how to approach and handle your chosen rabbit.
  • We will ask about the type of accommodation you have available for your new rabbit/s.

If you are homing a bunny  from us, please also support us by buying your cage and your accessories from us, (this is what funds us and our rabbits throughout the year). Some rabbits are only available with our full packages. By supporting us we can support you.

We offer's a 10% discount on the Malling deluxe double hutch range homing package, when purchased and collected with our bunnies, plus a 10%  discounts on our complete deluxe  indoor housing packages, with our  feed & bedding  and training packages
We will advise you on the correct housing and the rabbit/s needs. If you decide to go elsewhere or you already have a cage please check with us beforehand that it is suitable for the breed of rabbit that you are wishing to home. For those that already have a hutch or have bought one elsewhere- there will be a "Bunny workshop/homing fee" * added to the rabbits to cover our cost, overheads and  the time spent with you on pick up. Sorry about this but we are struggling to maintain the level of service we are currently offering otherwise. If you support us in your setup purchase we can continue to support you with help and advise.
If we feel that what you have is unsuitable, we reserve the right to refuse the homing of the rabbit/s until correct housing is available. We will not home any rabbit/s to live in unsuitable housing.
For more on hutch size please click here: ( This will take you to the RWA site),.
A photo of the actual housing you have will need to be seen prior to any deposits being paid, If a link to a hutch is sent or  a photo/drawing is supplied and the hutch is  then found to be different to what has been agreed- your deposit will be lost and your rabbits homed elsewhere.

  • If you have the wrong size cage we will not let you have one of our bunnies.
  • We will ask about the type of housing available for your new rabbit/s.
  • We will advise you on the correct size housing. If you then purchase the wrong size cage, we will not home a bunny to you, and your deposit will be lost.
  • We will not release any bunny to live in unsuitable housing.

Rabbits leaving us will come with their first vaccinations against VHD2, treated against mites and a care leaflet on worming and care, plus we offer on-going advice for the care and well -being of your rabbit.
All rabbits are health checked by myself, a health form is completed for your records or by a vet if you so wish (cost to be covered by you) prior to leaving for their new home.
If you would like to reserve a rabbit or rabbits, we will require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the pet of your choice, your deposit will only be returned due to unforeseen circumstances on my behalf. We can not hold rabbits unless a deposit has been paid, we are sorry about this but have been let down too many times by people.

  • Deposits are not refundable to people who:-Change their mind' regarding homing a rabbit/s or cancel a booking. If you are not sure then please do not book. Our spare time is very limited.
  • Fail to make collection arrangements up to 24 hours before the agreed collection date as stated on the deposit receipt or by email.
  • Fail to arrive on the agreed collection day
  • Fail to provide suitable accommodation for the rabbit/s booked.
  • The deposit is non transferable to another rabbit.

There are two ways in which you can pay a deposit on your chosen bunny:

  1. By booking by photo or video with a deposit.
  2. By arranging  a Bunny workshop to visit us here. You can then meet the bunnies that are looking for new homes and pick one/pair, if it is ready to leave home providing you have everything in place at your home or are getting everything that you need here, the bunny can go home with you. If you are not quite ready then a Deposit can be paid, and we will hold the bunny till the collection date. 

We are happy to offer advice on our rabbits.
A rabbit requires a commitment of care for it during its life. This could be 5-10 years or longer. The commitment required in caring for your rabbit includes not only routine feeding, care and time spent with the rabbit but also the provision of veterinary treatment if the rabbit becomes ill. There may be times when prompt veterinary treatment is needed and once a rabbit is ill it can deteriorate quickly

Insurance companies do offer veterinary insurance cover for pet rabbits.
If you experience any problems once you have taken your rabbit/s home, please do not hesitate to e-mail or phone me
Once a rabbit has settled into their new home and after 72 hours*, We cannot accept responsibility for any injury or death that may occur.
If for any reason you are unable to look after a rabbit you have bought from us, we will gladly take it back.*


We offer a neutering and re-bonding service for rabbits leaving here. If you have a single bunny already or one that has just lost its partner and are looking for a companion, we can advise you on which of our available bunnies would be best suited, we can arrange their neuter but can not bonded them for you unless they came from us, however we are happy to guide you in the bonding of the rabbits.
The neuter fee has to be paid for as well as the rabbit/s in full before it/they go to the vets. (Occasional things can go wrong at the vets, if you are unlucky and your chosen rabbit does not survive the neutering or recovery period, the neutering and cost of the rabbit is non refundable.)We will neuter at 10-14 weeks prior to the male realizing he is a boy.-The neutering fee covers -payment for the vet, all our running back and fourth to the vets, the aftercare including administering drugs and checking the wound, and re-bonding  the  neutered rabbit with it's  partner, as well as the extra time we have kept them.
Sometimes we will have bucks that have already been neutered- these are ideal if you are worried about the operation as we have taken the risk with these rabbits.

You may well be able to find a cheaper option but you will need to budget in to this the time involved -possible three visits to your vets plus some vets will not neuter before 4/5 months old- so you will be either risking pregnancy and an un-wanted litter, or having to separate the bunnies whilst you are waiting. if rabbits are spilt from each other prior to neutering there is no guarantee that these will go back to together. We can neuter Does if they are  5 months old and still here only.
Rabbits neutered must be collected on their ready date, (please bear in mind that we have already kept these far longer than any other breeder would off and space is limited), for every day over the agreed collection day there will be a £5 boarding charge per day for the first week, rising to £10 a day , if a new collection date is not agreed within 2 days of you missing your original appointment you will lose all payments made and the rabbits will be put back up for re-homing. If the delay is because the rabbits is not ready or fit enough to go- there will be no charge.

Sorry but we can only neuter rabbits already in our care, if you are needing a rabbit neutered that you already own you will need to arrange this yourselves with your vet.
Please note.* The sexing of baby rabbits is very difficult; therefore we cannot guarantee the sex of your pet; unless you are re-homing a bonded pair, or  a young adult or adult rabbit. Rabbits do not normally start to breed before 15 weeks old, although there can be the rare exception; it is advisable to get any bucks from a mixed pair neutered between 12-14 weeks old. We will not be held responsible for any babies born, the cost of raising these youngster and any subsequence vet bills will be meet by yourself. No financial assistance will come from us: although we will aid you in the re-homing of them and offer advice though out the raising and weaning period. We do offer a neutering service prior to rabbits leaving here, and advise  that you use this.

  • The deposit paid, will only be returned due to unforeseen circumstances on our behalf, and not because you have changed your mind. The deposit paid will be based on the rabbit/s being booked –normally a £30 or 50% deposit is required for me to hold your chosen rabbit/s.
  • Your pet is guaranteed for 72 hours providing the guide lines that you are given are followed and that the rabbit has not been dropped or injured in any way or put under any stress.  If you should experience any problems with your new pet, you must consult us first and we will help if we can. If you choose to seek veterinarian consultation without first consulting us, you will be liable for any fees incurred. We regret that, as non-profit-making hobbyists show breeder, we cannot give refunds or reimburse any vet bills.
  • After the 72 hours we cannot be held responsible for your pet in anyway.
  • Rabbits transported by  defra approved courier, leave here fit and healthy and ready to travel. Sorry but they are not covered under our guarantee. Any problems should be directed at the courier company used. We will not send baby rabbits, adults only.
  • Your guarantee is in-valid if you choose to house the rabbit/s in a second hand cage or a cage where the previous occupant has died suddenly without explanation.
  • If you should lose your pet, then it must be returned before a replacement is available. The expense of the return is your responsibility. Only one replacement will be offered.
  • If for any reason you decide you no longer wish to keep your pet, the rabbit can be returned. We will ask you to return the rabbit in it's cage. No money refund will be offered, or replacement pet.
  • The returned rabbit will be re-homed at my discretion.
  • We do not re-home rabbits other than those that we have bred.

Private courier option.

During the  travel restrictions  we started to  use a private same day courier to get your bunnies and kit safely to you, we then did a virtual bunny workshop with the owners and bunnies the day before they were due to leave. This covered everything that they need to know as well as handling and training. Cost will be down to where they lived and the time involved. To give you a rough idea- this is 38p a mile and £12 an hour. So if you live in North London- a round trip of 160 miles taking 3 hours -this would be £97 Please see the review below from our first bunny home to use this new service.

We are carrying on with this service if you would like Bunnies and kit delivered or you can collect in person.

Abigail D****s 15/1/21
 Dee was also very clear that we could contact her any time to discuss any issues. The bunnies arrived safe and sound with an extremely helpful (masked) driver and all the equipment. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly. They are settling in well and are an absolute delight. The equipment also all seems to be very good quality and we found it very helpful to be able to get everything we need in one go. We couldn’t be happier with the bunnies or with the experience. Thank you!"

Animal Welfare Act 2006
The Animal Welfare Act - and what this means for pet rabbits...
The new Animal Welfare Act is the most innovative piece of animal legislation for almost 100 years. In real terms it means that the law now has the teeth to intervene before cruelty has been inflicted upon an animal, by placing a 'duty of care' on the owner / guardian of bunnies.
When does the new law come into effect? From 6 April 2007 in England, and in Wales from 27 March, animal welfare law has been improved. It is still against the law to be cruel to any animal. But now you must also ensure that all the welfare needs of your animals are met.

The Five Freedoms

  • The Five Freedoms are set out in the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 and apply to all animals including rabbits. They are as follows:-Freedom from hunger and thirst - by providing fresh water and the right type and amount of food to keep them fit
  • Freedom from discomfort - by making sure that animals have the right kind of environment including shelter and somewhere comfortable to rest
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease - by preventing them from getting ill or injured and by making sure animals are diagnosed and treated rapidly if they do
  • Freedom to behave normally - by making sure animals have enough space, proper facilities and the company of other animals of their own kind
  • Freedom from fear and stress - by making sure their condition and treatment avoid mental suffering


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